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18 — 24 September 2018
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Way Up North X Roadie Workshop - Iceland

Way Up North Roadie Iceland — An Adventure in Iceland with Nordica and Mark Pacura
Cole -
Well, Mark and I called it Roadie, because we felt it was kind of a photography road trip. So, slang for that, Roadie, and yeah, that's what it is. During the workshop part of it, we do talk a lot about business and marketing. So I think somebody who is interested in business and marketing, they're gonna learn quite a bit during that portion of the workshop. And then on the photography end of it, I think it's for people who kinda wanna get a different angle at building a portfolio, and in this workshop, there aren't really any limitations. We simply wanna go to the coolest spots. We wanna just go put people in great light. I think it's for somebody who wants to build a portfolio with an actual couple in actual wedding attire and do it with kind of an adventurous flair to it.
Roadie #3 -…/
The Team
Video : Cinemate Films
Hosted by : Cole Roberts (Nordica Photography) and Mark Pacura
Couples : Nathan + Flora (Thrall Photography) and Alicja + Arnþór
Location : Iceland
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