- Magda & Tomek

We would like to introduce you to another couple we had the pleasure of accompanying during the happiest day of their life. Dear readers, meet Magda and Tomek!
Although they only just got married, Magda and Tomasz have known each other for 12 years and been in a relationship for 8. They decided they’ve had enough time to make the decision to take the next step – their relationship certainly is mature and responsible. Moreover, this approach gave them more time for wedding preparations, which produced the fantastic result you can admire in this story.
The wedding ceremony took place in the Parish of Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Beautiful Love in the Tarchomin neighbourhood in northern Warsaw, away from the noise of the city centre. The interior decoration was reminiscent of an aristocratic wedding from a bygone era – all thanks to meticulous preparations the couple began two years before their wedding day. Of course, the atmosphere was perfectly complemented by Magda’s tailor-made dress, in which she felt like a princess – just like she had dreamt. Her outfit was completed by subtle, carefully selected accessories.
The couple decided to host their wedding reception at the Windsor Hotel in Jachranka – a location our regular readers should be familiar with. It is no wonder that so many couples choose this hotel as their wedding venue – its attractive appearance and convenient location make it a perfect place for such events. Suffice it to say, the atmosphere during the reception was a perfect continuation of the good impression the decoration of the church made on us. Everything was straight out of a fairytale and the bride could really feel like a princess in her palace.
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