Translation problems

They are very cheerful and romantic guys. Sheila likes singing and drawing. Adrian likes Sheila’s singing and always supports her and gives a helping hand.
In the beginning, we wound up being unable to find a suitable shooting date. The Spanish on-line translator stubbornly provided me with the information that they were working during the week and on weekends they took up going to the swimming pool. That is, they didn’t have spare time! The stimulating factor for our meeting turned out to be my learning of Spanish language. Well, one day I read what the translator wrote and ( What a horrible thing!) it dawned on me: the phrase “ We are free” was translated as a “ swimming pool”! How come???
After choosing the date, we were discussing the locations. I suggested starting the story with the shooting at their home but Sheila said that the flat wasn’t very beautiful and, what is more, it was cramped. But after a row of my persuasions, we agreed to try. And it was worth it)
Here comes the shooting day, I arrive at the appointed place. The guys are having guests and , of course, nobody speaks Russian. Luckily. Adrian speaks English ( his level is close to mine) . It is a great load off my mind! It got to be a backup for us. We were drinking coffee and tried to understand how we were going to communicate with one another. Frankly speaking, I was a bit nervous. Before shooting I prepared a crib with some words in Spanish : “ a hand, a leg, a head, Turn it! Embrace her/him!). In the process of shooting it turned out that these words were also distorted by the translator))) I’d better delete it from the phone. A useless thing)))
The guys told me a little about themselves. Sheila worked as an ice cream salesgirl (Sadly, I didn’t manage to pop in and taste the delicious treat ). Adrian works in a restaurant and also takes care of elderly people. In the process of shooting it got obvious that the guys loved each other ( the movement and touching were soft and sensual and , what is the most important was that they were not artificial , they were natural) and they spent much time together. By the way, they don’t have a TV set at home , they explained it wasn’t worth watching it. It was better to spend time together or in a company of friends.
What is more, they have a Labrador retriever. He has a humble nickname –King, he is a very funny dog. When we came up to the sea he was running and barking all the time asking to throw something in the water for him to fetch and have fun.
Incidentally, the shooting location near the sea is Adrian and Sheila’s favorite place of relaxation. I think it is very symbolic and awesome , that is why I agreed on this location without any questions. We were getting there by a micro van: the guys took the front seats , I was in the rear with King sitting on a mattress of Furgoneta)))( there was a long mattress instead of the back seats) .
It was an immaculate combination of everything : the beautiful place, the gorgeous light, the perfect models, the only thing I had to do was to press “REC” . You know, it could sound self-assured but I was satisfied with the shooting . I guess we did the awesome job! I can tell about it over and over again , the emotions were overwhelming after this shooting. But I suggest you should watch Adrian and Sheila’s story and I am sure you’ll feel how much they love each other , sense their energy . Have a nice viewing!
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Videographer Leonid Smith
Voronezh, Russia


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